About Me

My name is Daniel Verberne and I’m an IT professional from Melbourne, Australia.

Born in 1979, I grew up in a household where a computer was often a significant drawcard, whether for recreation in playing various games; or as a source of frustration as my father, brother and I worked through some technical issue that had arisen. In short, it was a great way to develop confidence around PCs in general.

My IT career has always revolved around technical and customer support, with a focus more on the behind-the-scenes support in recent years.

Apart from my professional role in IT, I’m also the grateful recipient of a hefty dose of curiousity about the world around me. In fact, despite a personal tendency to engage in negative self-talk, I’d have to say that my curiousity is one of the traits that I’m most consistently proud of. This curiousity drives me to want answers to the endless stream of questions that arise from my interaction with the world. The mysteries need not be epic in scale – they can be small, mundane things – the point is that I feel driven to fill the ‘knowledge void’ and that I tend to feel better having learnt something new.

If I enjoy working in IT and computers, then I love science.

I love the honesty of science, the need to face up to change in the wake of new findings, new research, itself often driven by the arrival of new tools. I love it’s openness and acceptance of new ideas, which can often be uncomfortable and controversial. I love how science fosters a willingness to jettison long-held (and sometimes bitterly-defended) pet theories and ideas in the face of altnernative explanations which happen to suit the evidence better and have more explanatory power. Finally, while science is the ultimate detective kit, I love that it’s still entirely and wholly respectable for its practitioners to utter those simple words – ‘I don’t know’.

Within the many, many human-created divisions within the sciences, I really find certain topics fascinating – such as astronomy and cosmology. I also find biology, evolution, astrobiology fascinating too. I’d love to get an ‘answer’ for The Fermi Paradox within my lifetime – as the question of whether we are alone in the Universe is not only galling in its lack of obvious answer and also intensely fascinating for the huge implications either answer would deliver.

Finally, I’m also interested in politics, culture and current affairs across the world. I’d like to think I’m fairly informed and that I make an effort to read on world affairs rather than just focus on the here and now in my own corner of this planet, but ultimately I depend almost wholly on the efforts of journalists and content producers all around the world.

I hope that my personal curiousity and drive and interest in writing will be synthesized in such a way that ‘Ruminations of a Frail Human’ will be at least one of your many browser bookmarks.

Cheers 🙂

Daniel Verberne
9th April, 2021
Melbourne, Australia