TIL – Reviewing your past YouTube comments

This is the second piece in my series of occasional posts with the theme of ‘TIL’, an acronym for ‘Today I Learned’

Hey Folks!

I’m a big fan of YouTube. In fact, out of all the possible streaming providers out there right now (Netflix, etc), YouTube Premium is the only one my family and I utilise.

I watch plenty of YouTube content, but I also upload my own content (sometimes listed, but mostly unlisted). I also participate in the community, as in I comment on the videos of other YouTubers and sometimes I get a kick out of the responses of my comments.

Anyway, so today I wondered – is there a way I can get a listing of all the past comments I’ve made on YouTube videos? I know that I can look at my YouTube viewing history, that’s easy – but what about comments?

It turns out there is a way and it’s fairly straight forward. In the notes below, I’m talking about access YouTube via a Desktop PC using a web browser, not the YouTube app and not on a smartphone. (Although there might be way to do this via smartphone)

So here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the YouTube webpage
  2. Log into YouTube if you’re not already logged in
  3. From the left-hand pane, browse to History
  4. This view of history is probably familiar to you. It’s the ‘watch history’. However, there’s also the ‘Community history‘, choose that from the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Now that you’ve switched to ‘Community history’, below that we have a new option, ‘Comments‘. Click on Comments.
  6. A ha! Now you’re brought to a sub-page within https://myactivity.google.com, which is a website where other information relating to your Google account can be retrieved. You can simply scroll through the list of your past comments, which sorted by date, with most recent comments first! Easy!

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