In Case You Missed It – Corporate America’s Conscience vs the GOP

Today I caught a couple of clips from the MSNBC YouTube channel, whereby host Chris Hayes was flabbergasted by something said by Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

The reason for Hayes’ shock? Pro-business McConnell issuing a tirade against Corporate America and several major companies who have published their unhappiness with the GOP’s recent changes to Georgia state voting identification laws. The changes have been widely perceived as being aimed at suppressing the vote of minorities and the poor in that state.

The companies that have made these pronouncements against the actions in Georgia are big players, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Delta airlines and Major League Baseball. These companies seemed to have acted in concert or at least all within a tight timeframe. While it’s easy to be cynical of for-profit companies who suggest they’re taking ‘principled’ or ‘ethical’ stances on public issues, it is true that companies don’t operate in a vacuum and that social and cultural forces can and do effect their ability to do business. It’s possible that grassroots activism had already been applied to this companies and the passing of the Georgia law in question just forced their collective hands.

Whatever their reason for acting publicly, the fact that Corporate America pushed back and made it so clear the reason for their pushback seems to have enraged the GOP and its sympathizers.

It certainly does seem that folk like McConnell want things both ways: They are quite happy for Corporate interests to be part of the political noise when it suits them, but otherwise are intent that those same voices should ‘…stick to their knitting…

So, what do you think of the GOP pushing back on Corporate America to ‘stay out of politics’?


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