My most fervent wish – teleportation

I wish, so damned much, that humanity could develop and master teleportation of complex amalgamations of matter like humans.

I wish we could do it as simply and as routinely as depicted in Star Trek – just step into this room here, stand on this particular region of the floor and don’t move too much and I’ll just pull this lever over here.  *whoosh*

Where would I teleport to?  Indeed, how would we know where to get the target destination for a given teleportation session?  Would we have some ability to cast out like some cosmic fishing rod, pointing some arbitrary number of light years distant and selecting a given ‘spot’?  Would we have to have visited the destination beforehand and placed some sort of receptable there for the teleportation to that location to work?

Forget about humans of indeed living organisms, what about energy?  Could we not also take aim at some mind-numbingly distant point in the cosmos where we know there is a constant stream of energetic particles, say the twin ejected beams from a spinning black hole (giving rise to the concept of a pulsar), and somehow engage a constant teleportation session from there to some location closer to humanity where we could then ‘harvest’ those colossal energies?  I know, it sounds incredibly unlikely, but just think, just imagine, what that level of technology would do for a species with huge imaginations and a constant need to fund those imaginations with energy.

Firstly, any industry based on fossil fuels would immediately see its business case and its raison d’etre evaporate.  (Bravo)

Presumably, by harnassing the energies of a some super-object, we’d have sufficient energies to ‘fund’ all of humanities activities for the forseeable future.  We’d be able to traverse the bodies of our solar system (again using our robotic emissaries first would make sense), but then we could ramp up to human exploits.  Being able to traverse the absolutely abyssal, unthinkable voids between the stars would open up humanities future in a way almost nothing else could.  Finally, we could be in a position to actually deliver an answer on whether we are alone in the Universe.  We could solve the Fermi Paradox, or at least whittle away at the large list of potential solutions, ruling some out and maybe adding a few more possibilities as a result of our groundbreaking explorations.

What would it *mean* to instantly transport oneself to a galaxy perhaps several billion light years from Earth?  We know from Einstein that the concept of linear time, of there being a Universal ‘now’ which we can all agree on, is a fantasy.  Instead, time is relative to motion and individual travellers can, when travelling at collossal speeds, travel into the future relative to other, slower individuals.  But how might that play out when teleporting ‘instantly’ across the impossible voids?  Would we be sure that upon return from a ‘subjective’ 2 hour soujourn by a robotic emissary, that the robot would indeed return to our time frame + 2 hours?  Might there be dramatic time implications to merely moving to a distant point in the Universe, even though that object did not travel fast to reach it, indeed did not travel at all?  Many unknowns.  Of course, we don’t even know if teleportation of anything other than bits of data is even possible.  Still, doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

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