Israel Folau and religion as a source of hate

I’m not religious, I call myself an agnostic-atheist, in that I lack a belief in a deity, but of course cannot ever truly be certain either way.

I’ve mostly got no problem with people who are religious, indeed most people still area, but believers like footy player Israel Folau – they concern me.

If you hadn’t heard, he’s Christian, grew up Mormon, now “Assemblies of God”.  Anyway, his views on homosexuals and others (including the likes of me) are pretty fire and brimstoney.

But the thing is – Folau didn’t emerge from his Mum’s womb holding these extreme viewpoints – they were taught to him, by adults representing a particular religious organisation that (like all the others) felt they were in possession of the real story.

Their book obviously states that homosexuals etc are going to hell and Folau and other adherents just swallow all of that and consider themselves positively virtuous for having done so.  Indeed, many may see themselves as defenders of Christ for pushing back against things like homosexuality.  It’s noxious stuff.

For many years, public and private figures have been using their religion, perhaps not intentionally, but as a way for others to understand (and forgive) their views.

Same with Folau, from Wikipedia, emphasis mine:


I wonder if the days are numbered for any religious belief that teaches such extreme and judgmental things about people based on sexual orientation, gender, etc?

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