ScoMo partially sees the light on One Nation

Well, it was bound to happen, given the mood of the people.

Our Australian Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison (ScoMo) has partially buckled to pressure and decided to put the One Nation political party almost last — behind the Australian Greens.

Wait?  What, the Greens worse than One Nation?  Well, to hear it from our PM, the Greens are a ‘threat’ to Australia – to our security, apparently, for refusing to support the Coalition on a number of measures ostensibly to keep us safer.  I happen to be unconvinced by that argument and even if were true, I still think One Nation are a fount of vile divisiveness, a living, breathing horde of human ignorance and mistrust of the ‘other’, wrapped up in Australian flags and so-called ‘straight talk’.

I won’t give One Nation another thought – to me, their views may have appeal amongst some in Australia, but I don’t want politicians to simply mirror the views in society, but to try and get us to collectively rise above our petty divisions and tribalness and direct us to a better future.

The right-wing terrorist may not have intended it, but his extremist act of horror has brought many of us together, united against hate speech, speech that has somehow become semi-acceptable in Australian political and social discourse over the past few years.  We must roll this back – the so-called “Overton Window”, which defines what is and what isn’t acceptable discourse in a society and its politics, must be moved, reframed, to exclude rhetoric that is divisive along racial, ethnic or religious lines.

To me, this change starts now, but the May election will see many of us take real action.

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