Q&A on ABC Last Night – Quotas in political parties

Fascinating Q&A on ABC last night.

One of the topics was the dire lack of female representation with the Coalition.  In Australia, the Coalition is a centre-right/right grouping of the Liberal Party (conservative) and the National Party (also, conservative)

There was a female Liberal Party member Senator Hume on the show last night and her opposition to a proposed quota system was interesting — she suggested she got her preselection on ‘merit’ and ‘hard work’.  Hard to dismiss this — I’m sure she has worked hard.  However, it’s also surely true that inter-generational cultural and unconscious biases can make it hard to change the landscape of gender within many institutions, political parties being one of them.

I suggest a quota for females in the LNP and maybe even increasing their ethnic diversity, would be a good thing.

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